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The Little Hut

October 1965

About The Little Hut

The script of The Little Hut was written by the French writer André Roussin, based on his own play La petite hutte (1947). Both play and script are based on another play in Catalan, written by the novelist and playwright Carles Soldevila (1892–1967): Civilitzats tanmateix (Nevertheless civilized) (1921). This play was known in France through a translation by Adolphe de Faigairolle and Francesc Presas, published in 1927 in the magazine Candide.

The play ran for over 1500 performances in Paris, was translated into English by Nancy Mitford and ran for three years in the West End, starting in 1950 with Robert Morley and David Tomlinson (with Roger Moore as their understudy) at the Lyric Theatre before being made into the film.

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Performed in October 1965

  • Genre: Drama

  • Playwright: Andre Roussin Adapted by Nancy Mitford

  • Director: Don Fraser


Kira Reynolds

Warwick Miller

Bill Reynolds

Alan Wakeling


From 1965 BNT newsletter:

Congratulations Don on the success of your first major production! Patrons will agree that it was a delightful play – setting was most attractive and the standard of production high. The cast were delightful and each and every one played their parts with verve and abandon. A real Delight. It was a shame that the audiences did not come up to the same expectation. But in spite of poor attendances initially, Don netted a profit of 65 pound and is to be congratulated.