Ballarat National Theatre

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Membership in Ballarat National Theatre is an affordable and practical way to support and enjoy live theatre. Participating is a great way to share your skills and experience and work with talented locals to create innovative productions. Interested?

As a member you will:

  • Be eligible for the BNT member’s ticket discount price of $18 for all BNT productions
  • Be eligible to stand and vote for the BNT board

Keep the spirit of the theatre alive!

BNT Membership Fees

Individual Membership - Annual $   25.00
Individual Membership - 5 Years $ 100.00
Concession Membership - Annual $   20.00
Family Membership - Annual $ 40.00
Family Membership - 5 Years $   160.00

Become a BNT Member

Apply online or contact Daisy on 0493 081 431 if you require an application form, or would like further information about membership.

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