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As we get closer to our next season, we will do a call-out for our front-of-house team. We always begin by contacting those who have put their hand up to help us out using this form.

Join the Crew

Crew for our shows can do everything from administration to lighting, costumes, props, hair, makeup and more. We are seeking crew to join us for our April 2023 production of Dust and Ruin. All expressions of interest to join our crew can be made on our form here.

Direct with BNT

Submissions to direct for the 2023 season are now open and will close on November 1.

Submit an expression of interest to direct here.


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Auditions were last held for Dust and Ruin. Join our mailing list or find us on social media to be notified of auditions for our next production.


General Information

Casting for each BNT production is done by a combination of invitation and audition.

Auditions are advertised in advance by email and social media with individual appointments made.

We also have occasional opportunities for actors such as play-reading sessions with playwrights and reading plays for fun. These are also shared via our mailing list.

Are you a playwright wanting to workshop some of your work with local actors? Please get in touch with us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.