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Sunday in New York

October 1969

24th November to 1st November 1969


Peter Bromley

Adam Taylor

Gail Mahoney

Eileen Taylor

Martin Taylor


Pam Manikas


Tony Gavan

Mike Mitchell

David Lindsay

Russell Wilson


  • Stage Manager
    David Farnsworth
  • Assisted by
    Joy Stoneman
  • Set Design
    Ian Page
  • Set Construction
    Ian Sheehy, Ian Page
  • Assisted by
    Stuart McKenzie, Margaret Talbot, Kurt Mackiewicz
  • Lighting
    Neville Ward
  • Assisted by
    Andrea Knight
  • Sound
    Geoffrey Murray
  • Assisted by
    Heather Waldron, Cheryl Miller
  • Properties
    Joy Stoneman
  • Wardrobe
    Mary McLeod, Barabara Rowe
  • Backstage Crew
    Joy Stoneman, Barbara Rowe, George Gardoz
  • Prompts
    Yvonne Tippett, Elaine Hutton
  • Programme Cover
    Ian Page
  • Photography
    Basil Dawson
  • Front of House
    Mary McLeod
  • Publicity and Programme
    Rosalind White
  • Stall
    Marjorie Drew


    Performance Gallery