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Message from the new president

26 February 2024

I am very excited to take on the mantle of President of BNT and put my experience as a local creative and arts management professional to use in the operation and development of our company. I see my role as President as a facilitator - someone who has member’s needs at the forefront and is working always to achieve our vision - that BNT be a welcoming place to experience theatre—by the community, for the community.

I would like to highlight the incredible work of the outgoing President Liana Emmerson over the past three years. Liana has put her heart and soul into her tenure and championed upgrades and streamlining of our administration, secured grants and implemented innumerous other initiatives that have improved our company. It is a much less daunting prospect to step into the role of President knowing that BNT is so well set up for the future. Thank you, Liana.

On my agenda is a focus on building strategic partnerships. Our presence at Barkly Square puts us in proximity to many other community organisations and there are opportunities to collaborate which remain unexplored. We are also keeping tabs on the Ballarat Performing Arts Community, and their exciting venture at the former Neil St Church precinct, which has the potential to provide BNT with a permanent theatrical space to call home.

I’m also keen to continue creating opportunities for our members to build community with social activities beyond being in a production - which is often too big of a commitment for some members. Monologue Karaoke and Theatre Club (thanks again to Liana!) form a core part of our offering to members and I invite members to contact the Board with suggestions for other theatre-related activities they may wish for BNT to facilitate.

There are so many interesting aspects to theatre-making that our members are hungry to explore and I am keen to establish programs that build skills in areas such as directing, playwriting and production management. We are in the process of creating a New Works development program, which will assist members to build new theatre works from the ground up, and put them in touch with dramaturgical and script analysis services, while also encouraging local writers to join our organisation.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, my metaphorical door is always open and I look forward to serving the BNT community to the best of my ability, with the support of our committed and highly skilled Board.