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About Berkeley Square

Berkeley Square is the story of a London scientist who is romantically fascinated by the 18th century.

A freak accident propels Howard back to 1784, where he assumes the identity of one of his own ancestors. Howard falls in love with his distant cousin Helen, while his other relatives regard the time-traveller as a "sorcerer" due to his disturbing knowledge of future events. Gradually, Howard is disillusioned by the squalor and bigotry of the 18th century. He bids farewell to Helen, explaining that he will actually be born years after her death but that they will be reunited "in God's time".

Returning to the present, Howard discovers that Helen died young without ever marrying. He renounces his own fiancee and determines to live out his life as a bachelor, to be united with his true love in death. 


  • Genre: Drama


Tom Pettigrew

Mr. Throstle
The Ambassador

Peter Standish

Lady Anne Pettigrew 

Valerie Taylor

Miss Pettigrew

Marjorie Frant

Mrs. Barwick