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The Boyfriend

December 1965

About Dust & Ruin

From BNT Newsletter 1965:

This musical takes us right back to those naughty 1920’s with our Betty Boop and Charleston’s.  Just the right sort of entertainment for that ‘end of year’ feeling and ‘kicking over the traces’.  Pam has put an excellent cast together and not only that, she has Monica Miller helping her with the singing numbers; Isla Preston doing the ballet numbers; Maureen Boon designing and painting the sets and Jean Wardlaw on Wardrobe. 

A whole feast of talent.  December 3 is opening night with a charity performance for Community Aid Abroad.  Because of the high cost of royalties – 12 ½% of the gross takings, prices will have to be increased for this production to 10 shillings; 8 shillings for members and block bookings of six or more; 6 shillings for students and pensioners.  Bookings will be at Frank Fords, and this will put an additional 6 pence onto all prices.  Bookings will open on the 2 December.

Judy Daley has very kindly loaned the theatre a piano for this production and Helen Williams is the pianist with Basil Dawson on the fiddle, Bob Hocking on the banjo and Barry Hood playing the drums.  Ron Boon when he has sat his finals is also assisting Isla with the dancing sequences and a hot favourite will be the tango number that he and Isla will perform during the play itself.  The cast include many well-known names and some new ones for National Theatre but each and every one is good.

Goff Nott, Anne Nott, Bob Baker, Kay Buchanan, Barbara Carlton, Alf Walker-Davies, Fred Fargher, Rees Irwin, Jack Youens, Gerard Collilal, Bronwyn Bubb, Jeannie Thompson, Gail Marney, Wendy Widgery, Fay Strickland, Ian Page, Margaret Baker, Marlene Blakely and Kaye Kauffman.

It is hard work doing this sort of entertainment, especially at this time of year and we wish Pam and her large and enthusiastic cast every success.  We expect packed houses each night and surprise of surprise, this year there will be something really special.  A late late show on Friday 10 December beginning at 11.30pm!

This is a new venture on the part of the theatre, but something that has often been suggested, but then because of lack of support has fallen through.  This time it will happen.

The cast, in other words, are happy to do two shows in one night.  This night there will be supper served at the cost of 2/6 (2 shillings and 6 pence).

From BNT Newsletter 1966:

We must mention too how successful Pamela’s production of the Boy Friend was.  Full houses, very full in fact – we congratulate our front of house staff on the manner in which they managed to find room for ‘just one more’.  It was an excellent end to 1965 and all carried away happy and tuneful thoughts.  Thank you Pam and cast for the great job and success you gave the theatre.

Performed December 1965

  • Genre: Drama

  • Director: Pam Skinner