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You Can't Take It With You

August 1965

About You Can't Take It With You

Joan is working with one of the biggest casts that she has yet worked with and knowing the standard of Joan’s work theatre members and friends will be given a really enjoyable evening.  We wish this huge cast every success, especially when they carry through to enter in South Street competition this year.  It will be much more strenuous than last year; we hope they again might be able to attain the ‘laurels’.

Joan has an excellent cast.  Many well-known names and lots of new ones.  Marjorie Ford, Pam Skinner, Mary Macleod, Ros. White, Rees Irvin, Barbara Fraser, Di Vernon, Roy Thomson, Geoff O’Donnell being some of the names known to theatre members and hosts of new names including Rory Macleod, Gavin Schwartz, Jeff Morrison, Charles Crompton, Ian Page (who has done much for us in set design in the past), Laurie Burrows, Barbara Carlton, Bull Drury and Bernard Lakerink.

Set Design by Maureen Boon – a feast of wit and talent – make sure and book early to save disappointment.

Performed August 1965

  • Genre: Drama

  • Director: Joan Crompton


Marjorie Ford

Pam Skinner

Mary Macleod

Ros. White

Rees Irvin

Barbara Fraser

Di Vernon

Roy Thomson

Geoff O’Donnell

Rory Macleod

Gavin Schwartz

Jeff Morrison

Charles Crompton

Ian Page

Laurie Burrows

Barbara Carlton

Bull Drury

Bernard Lakerink


  • Set Design
    Maureen Boon
  • Front of House
    Judith Daley and team

Performance Gallery