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The Brides of March

November 1967

About Dust & Ruin

Tony Scudamore, who did his wartime service with the British Army in North Africa, has settled into peacetime with his wife, Sally, and a career in the Foreign Office. A letter arrives that informs Tony that he has been remembered in the will of an Arab sheik whose life he saved during the war. The legacy is five maidens who arrive unexpectedly!

Tony's first reaction is to send his "harem" back, but it seems that to refuse a dying sheik's bequest is a mortal offense. Tony's father also brings up the touchy point that the British government is now negotiating oil leases with the dead sheik's successor - and any dispute could lead to unhappy complications.

This is the situation Sally walks into the next morning, and the misunderstandings which follow are hilarious.

Performed 30 November to 9 December 1967

  • Genre: Drama

  • Playwright: John Chapman

  • Director: Don McIntyre


From BNT newsletter September 1967

Produced Don McIntyre will hold auditions for our fifth and last play of our 1967 season on Tuesday October 3rd at 7.30pm at the Little Theatre. The Brides of March is an hilarious romp by the well-known English comedy writer John Chapman, whose television series Hugh and I and comedy thriller serial Night Train to Surbiton have been currently shown on ARBV3. This funny play is a suitably light-hearted finale to our year’s season and will ensure our audiences a bright evening’s entertainment.

The cast includes seven men, so if you are a male and interested in taking a part in this comedy, please make a note of the date of auditions October 3rd and all members are asked to let any men they think might be interested, know that the auditions are being held on October 3rd.

Cast required for The Brides of March

  • Two men – aged 30 to 40 years – English
  • One man – aged 30 to 40 years – American
  • One man – aged 50 years or older – English
  • One man – any age – must be large built
  • Two men – any age – English
  • One woman – aged 25 to 35 years – American
  • One woman – aged 40 years or older – English
  • One woman – aged 50 years or older – English
  • Five harem girls – young and seductive.


Don McIntyre also requires an assistant producer (director), a stage manager and a prompt. These people will be required to attend most rehearsals and all performances.