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Performed 29 November to 7 December 1968


By Arthur Watkyn

Directed by Alan Wakeling

Performed 29 November to 7 December 1968

From BNT newsletter August 1968

The second date to remember is Thursday evening, 22nd August when auditions will be held for our Christmas production For Better For Worse.

This is a comedy being produced by Alan Wakeling and he needs twelve players – seven males and five females – aged from 20 years. Remember, 7.30 sharp, Thursday 22nd August.

From BNT newsletter September 1968

This English comedy by Arthur Watkyn is now in rehearsal by producer, Alan Wakeling, and his cast, is scheduled for a season from 29 November to 7 December.

Players who successfully auditioned are Andrea Knight, Peter Nethercote, Jenny Catford, Tony Gavan, David Farnsworth, Pat Page, Don Fraser, Ian Barrett, Stephen Strickland, Nola Young, Yvonne Tippett and George Wilson.

The theatre welcomes the players new to our stage for this production and hopes that they may become enthusiastically involved, to the mutual satisfaction of themselves and the rest of the theatre.

From BNT newsletter December 1968

This play was a very happy choice to wind up the dramatic offerings for the year. As the news got around town, the audiences increased. On Tuesday the house was so packed that Brenda Dowling couldn’t get a seat and had to home. This was particularly unfortunate because Brenda had sponsored what has come to be called, for some obscure reason, the Green Room Night (Member’s Night for the uninitiated).

Alan Wakeling’s production was well reviewed in The Courier and was enthusiastically received by the general public. Congratulations Alan on a fine piece of production. And congratulations must also go to the cast for a very fine team effort and to the production staff who lent competent support.

More plays with built-in popular appeal such as this one will help win back support for our theatre. The quality of the acting in this play has heightened interest in the great sixty-four dollar question: Who has won the two acting awards for 1968?

Geoff Simmonds has been rubbing his hands in delight over the receipts of For Better For Worse. He says we can now pay the rent.

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