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Waiting for Godot

September 1971

10th to 18th September 1971


John Ross


Ian Buerckner


Norman Athersmith


David Cook


Denis Johansen

A Boy


  • Directed by

    Joy Strickland

  • Stage Managers

    Carmel Allen and Maria Bacsak

  • Set Design

    Peter Nethercote

  • Set Construction

    Peter Nethercote and Helen Nethercote

  • Makeup

    Members of cast

  • Lighting

    Doug McNish and Neville Ward

  • Sound arranged by

    G Hassett and Albert Dulfer

  • Properties
    Peter Dooley
  • Curtain
    Richard Smith
  • Prompts
    Jan Buerckner and Yvonne Tippett
  • Publicity
    Doug Sarah and Joy Smith
  • Front of House
    Mary Macleod and helpers
  • Coffee Staff
    Marjorie Drew and helpers

About the Play

Many, oh so many people say, “Well what is it all about?”
You have to know something about Beckett to begin to understand. But we feel it is too true an epitaph to most of us as we run life’s journey. Do we just fill in time; are we always waiting for something, without doing too much about trying to help ourselves, rather than wallow in “what might have been” and righteous self-pity.