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1st to 9th December 1972


Peter Nethercote

Reginald B Blougham

Marilyn McIvor

Leslie Royston

Sue Gilbert

Ruth Eltringham

Pat Earnshaw

Mrs. Lash

Stuart Maiden

Jimmy Harbottle

John Stuchbury

Bagshot Pilkington

Leanne De La Harpe

Twinky Farrell

Mary Macleod

Miss Twinge

Judith Jorna

Cordelia B Parkenstacher

Bob Baker

Ramshaw Shentlebury


  • Directed by
    Marj Ford
  • Stage Manager
    Eileen Mee
  • Backstage Crew
    Pam Maiden, David Dowling
  • Lighting
    Doug McNish, Neville Ward
  • Prompt
    Elise Brown
  • Set Design
    Peter Nethercote
  • Set Construction
    Stuart Maiden, Peter Bond, Peter Nethercote, Ted Jorna, Pam Maiden, Mary Macleod, Nick Hobson
  • Sound
    Albert Dulfer
  • Hairstyling
    Lucy Newton
  • Photography
    Basil Dawson
  • Front of House
    Joy Smith and theatre member assistants
  • Foyer Stall
    Marj Drew and assistants