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Production Date: 26th February to 8th March 1972


Philip Hobson

Alexander Godwin, The Headmaster

Geoff Tunbridge

Angus Grant, Resident Master

Andrea Knight

Paula Godwin, Headmaster’s Wife

Peter Bromley

Philip Wigmore, Resident Master

Nicky Tunbridge

Parker, a Schoolboy

Thelma Walker

Millicent Forbes, Matron

Elizabeth Heinz

Rosalind Havisham, Schoolmistress

Peter Nethercote

Bruno Abbot, Senior Master

Ian Beurckner

Raymond Tomkins, Master

Sue Gilbert

Christine Ogilvie, Schoolmistress


  • Directed
    Jenny Strickland
  • Produced by
    Marjorie Ford
  • Stage Manager
    Sonia Kinnersley
  • Assistant Stage Manager and Properties
    Yvonne Tippett
  • Properties
    Judity Holyhead, James Pascoe
  • Prompts
    Lyn Walker, Richard Smith
  • Lighting Technicians
    Douglas McNish, Neville Ward
  • Sound Technicians
    Albert Dulfer and Assistants
  • Set Design
    Peter Nethercote
  • Set Construction
    Douglas McNish
  • Hair Styles
    Lisette Salon
  • Photography
    Basil Dawson
  • Poster Design and Programme Cover
    Ken Felstead
  • Foyer Decoration
    Yutha Valpied – Serendipity
  • Publicity
    Joy Smith
  • Front of House
    Mary Macleod and Helpers
  • Coffee Staff
    Marjorie Drew and Helpers