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About The Paragon

Simon Rawley is reported killed in the last days of World War II, and his blind father Robert (Murray) decides to build a cricket pavilion in his memory in the local village. His neighbour Lord Clandon (Seymour Hicks) urges him to extend the dedication to all the local men who gave their lives in the war, but Robert refuses. Planning and construction take some time and three years pass, during which Simon's widow Angela (Gray) falls in love with local doctor's son Maxwell Oliver (Derek Farr) whilst they have both been posted to Occupied Germany after the war. Robert cannot help feeling that this is disloyal to his dead son, but his second wife Joan (Campbell) does her best to convince him that Angela is entitled to search for happiness again. The pavilion is finally completed and plans are in place for the grand dedication and opening. The local police are meanwhile looking for a villain who coshed a motorist and stole his car in London, and has dumped the car in the vicinity.

20th to 30th June 1973

  • Location: Memorial Theatre
  • Genre: Drama

  • Director: Jenny Strickland

  • Written: Michael and Pertwee

Robert surprises an intruder in the house that evening. He is closely followed by Angela, who to her great shock recognises her "dead" husband Simon (Patrick). He signals to her not to let Robert know his identity. Later he comes up with elaborate excuses to Angela to explain his resurrection and lack of contact since the war, but she soon sees through the lies. It is subsequently revealed that, far from dying a hero's death on the battlefield, Simon was a deserter who faked his own death. Since the war he has been making a living on the wrong side of the law as a black-marketeering spiv. Now down on his luck, he has returned (in the stolen car) to try to extort money.

Angela has to let Joan in on Simon's return from the dead, and the two try desperately to shield Robert from the knowledge of his son's return in such circumstances, aware that the shattering of his illusions would destroy him. The unscrupulous Simon, learning of Angela's new attachment to Maxwell, demands £5,000 to leave for good. Robert gradually comes to realise that something very strange is going on, and little by little manages to piece together that Simon is in hiding somewhere in the house. He finally manages to track him down and a struggle ensues, climaxing with Simon falling to his death from a balcony. With his son's perfidy finally revealed to all, Robert agrees to change the dedication of the pavilion, as Lord Clandon had requested all along.


Peter Barwood

Delivery Man

Judy-Ann Johnson


Andrea Knight


Marj. Ford


Ian Beurckner

The Earl of Clanden

Philip Hobson

Sir Robert Rowley

Marilyn McIver


David Lindsay

Maxwell Oliver

Geoff Tunbridge

The Unknown Man


  • Producer

    Jenny Strickland

  • Assistant Producer
    Thelma Walker
  • Stage Manager
    Judy Jorna
  • Properties
    David Dowling, Eileen Mee
  • Prompt
    Sue Newton
  • Lighting
    Doug McNish, Neville Ward
  • Sound Technician
    Albert Dulfer
  • Set Design
    Ken Felstead
  • Set
    Ken Felstead, Dawn Felstead, Laurence Cummin, Lowana Oliver, Noel Brady, Ernie Collins
  • Photography
    Basil Dawson
  • Publicity
    Joy Smith
  • Front of House
    Mary Macleod and assistants
  • Coffee Stall
    Marj. Drew and assistants