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Don't Just Lie There Say Something

March 1977

Production Date: 16th - 26th March


Geoff Tunbridge

Barry Ovis M.P.

Arthur Scuffins

The RT Hon. Wilfred-Potts M.P.

Marilyn Chestnut

Jean Fenton

Phil Hobson

Sir William Mainwaring-Brown M.P.

Virginia Ronaldson

Gisele Parkyn

Geoff Nott

Inspector Ruff

Judy Jorna


Leanne De La Harpe


Peter Barwood

A Caretaker


  • Produced by
    Jenny Strickland
  • Stage Manager
    Maureen Scarff
  • Set Design
    Laurie Lane
  • Lighting
    Frank Russell
  • Sound
    Albert Dulfer, Ted Jorna
  • Props
    Susan Hurley, Peter Barwood
  • Set Builder
    Peter Barwood, David Tunbridge, Trevor and Peter O’Donnell
  • Prompt
    Jenny Buzacotte
  • Programme and Publicity
    Doug Sarah
  • Box Office
    Richard Smith and Helpers
  • Make-Up
    Mary Glenane, Lucy Newton, Leanne De La Harpe, Jun Dodgshun