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28th November to 8th December 1979


Patricia Earnshaw

Wilda Wainwright

Robert Baker


Marjorie Ford

Cora Billingsley-Billings

Sue Rodgers

Maybelle Billings

Jennifer Cochrane

Eunice Wainwright

Wendy Archibald

Gypsy Heather

Lois Walters

Minerva Courtney

Marilyn Chestnut

Queenie De Lorme

Gary West

Horatio Wainwright

Ian Buerckner

Mervyn Parsons

Peter Davies

Jack Frost

Marie Lyons

Dora Horne

David Farnsworth

Joe North

Joy Heys

Music Hall Extras

James Allen

Music Hall Extras

Peter O’Donnell

Music Hall Extras


  • Set Planning and Execution
    Maurine Boon
  • Stage Director
    Carmel Allen
  • Stage Assistants
    Maria Ryan, Joy Heys, James Allen, Peter O’Donnell
  • Costume Consultants
    Maurine Boon, Joy Heys, Jean Wardlaw
  • Hair Styles
    Penne Ashton, Marie Lyons
  • Prompts
    Anne Savage, Margaret Baum
  • Sound
    Albert Dulfer
  • Lighting
    Frank Russell
  • Programme and Publicity
    Doug Sarah
  • Front of House
    Better O’Donnell and helpers
  • Box Office
    Peter Barwood and helpers