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Goodnight Mrs Puffin



Marie Lyons

Ethel Fordyce

Jenny Cochran

Jacqueline Fordyce

Carmel Day

Pamela Fordyce

Peter Bromley

Nicholas Fordyce

Wendy Archibald

Annie (the maid)

Elizabeth Joll

Amelia Puffin

Geoff Tunbridge

Henry Fordyce

Geoff Nott

Stephen Parker

Graeme Day

Victor Parker

Peter Davies

Roger Vincent


  • Stage Manager
    Carmel Allen
  • Assistant Stage Managers
    Joy Heys, Maria Ryan
  • Set Design
    Russ Carey, Doug Sarah
  • Set Construction
    Russ Carey, Ivan Downing
  • Sound
    Albert Dulfer
  • Lighting
    Frank Russell
  • Hairstyles – Makeup
    Penny Ashton
  • Prompt
    Yvonne Downing
  • Front of House
    Marj Drew, Betty O’Donnell and Helpers
  • Box Office
    Doug Sarah and Helpers
  • Programme-Publicity
    Val and Doug Sarah
  • Furnishings
    Hedt and Shaw, Hub Furnishings