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Anne Nott

Emilie Dulay

Bob Baker

Felix Dulay

Marj Ford

Madame Parole

Mary Hart

Marie Louise Dulay

Peter Bromley


Geoff Nott

Jules Convicts

Geoff Tunbridge


John Stuchbery

Gaston LeMare

Malcolm Weir

Paul Gassagon

Philip Batch

Sub. Lieut. Expoir (French Navy)


  • Stage Manager

    Russ Carey

  • Set Designer

    Mary Glenane

  • Set Construction

    Russ Carey

  • Sound
    Albert Dulfer, Ted Jorna
  • Lighting
    Frank Russell
  • Wardrobe
    Marj Johnson
  • Prompt
    Joan Hooper
  • Programme and Publicity
    Doug and Val Sarah
  • Front of House and Stall
    Marj Drew and helpers
  • Props
    Mary Glenane, Karen Hooper
  • Box Office
    Doug Sarah, Peter Barwood, John Cook, Phil Hobson, Trevor O’Donnell, Dennis Griffin, Henry Drew