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The Diary Of Anne Frank



Paul Rose

Mr Frank

Megan Ali

Miep Gies

Wendy Holgate

Mrs Van Daan

Ray Cotsell

Mr Van Daan

Andrew Bongiorno

Peter Van Daan

Pam Maiden

Mrs Frank

Therese Hogan

Margot Frank

Lisa Oldaker

Anne Frank

Barry Breen

Mr Kraler

John Stuchberry

Mr Dussel

Daniel Waffler

German Soldiers

Gregory Graham

German Soldiers


  • Stage Manager
    Wendy Hall
  • Production Manager
    Anne-Marie Cormick
  • Assistant Stage Manager
    Daniel Waffler
  • Designer
    Julian Oldfield
  • Wardrobe
    Lesley Hale
  • Lighting
    Frank Hanrahan, Leon Hanrahan
  • Sound Recording
    Michael Zala
  • Sound Operator
    Heldi Pilli
  • Props and Crew
    Anne-Marie Cormick, Daniel Waffler, Sandi Burggraaf, Julie Hancock, Gregory Graham
  • Set Builders
    Daniel Waffler, John Stuchberry, Julian Oldfield, Wendy Hall, John Watson, Barry Tudor, Andrew Seeary, Bob House, Anne-Marie Cormick, Sandi Burggraas, Barry Breen, Gregory Graham
  • Program and Poster
    Barry Breen
  • Publicity
    Jenny Tudor
  • Portrait of Anne Frank
    Gavin Cormick
  • Front of House
    Yvonne Downing and Team