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Habeas Corpus



Fred Fargher

Arthur Wicksteed

Jenny Bedney

Muriel Wicksteed

Mark Meyer

Denis Wicksteed

Marilyn Chestnut

Constance Wicksteed

Pam Maiden

Mrs Swabb

Barry Breen

Canon Throbbing

Jill Dunne

Lady Rumpers

Sarah Thorne

Felicity Rumpers

John Daykin

Mr Shanks

Ron Hedgcock

Sir Percy Shorter

Gerry Goularis

Mr Purdue

Bob House & Simon Jess



  • Director & Designer
    Julian Oldfield
  • Sound Operator
    Lisa Hall
  • Sound Recording
    Michael Zala
  • Props
    Ann Savage & Peter Zala
  • Lighting
    Frank & Leon Hanrahan
  • Wardrobe
    Lesley Hale
  • Publicity
    John Watson
  • Poster
    Andrew Seeary
  • Program
    Laura Fazzalari
  • Set Builders
    & Painters
    Julian Oldfield, Frank Lilley, Gary Hall, Bob House, Andrew Seeary, Barry Breen, Wendy Hall, Lisa Hill, Ann Savage, Lesley Hale, Ron Hedgcock, Fred Fargher, John Watson, Andrew Hall, John Stuchbery
  • Front of House
    Yvonne Downing and BNT Members