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Present Laughter


About Dust & Ruin


  • Genre: Drama

  • Director: 


Sharnarra Crawley

Daphne Stillington

Margaret Solomon

Miss Erikson

Barrie McCausland


Barbara Snibson

Monica Reed

Peter Nethercote

Garry Essendine

Jill Dunne

Liz Essendine

Adam Roche

Roland Maule

Geoff Nott

Henry Lyppiatt

Edward Daly

Morris Dixon

Kathy Bedford

Joanna Lyppiatt

Janet Low

Lady Saltburn


  • Stage Manager

    Jessica Stanley

  • Set Design

    Julian Oldfield

  • Lighting

    Frank and Leon Hanrahan

  • Wardrobe

    Jenny Hill and Bronwyn Oldaker

  • Poster Design

    Peter Freund

  • Set Construction

    Frank Lilley ably assisted by Wendy, Gary and Andrew Hall, Geoff Nott, Edward and Patrick Daly, Ron Hedgcock, Peter Nethercote, Yvonne and Ivan Downing, Anne Savage, Jill Dunne, Peter Zala, Margaret Solomon, Barbara Olsen, Rory Campbell, Val Sarah, Von Watson, Michael Zala, Barry Breen and Julian Oldfield

  • Front of House

    Yvonne Downing and BNT Members

  • Photography

    Helen Irving