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About Sunshine Boys


  • Genre: Drama

  • Playwright: Neil Simon

  • Director: Andrew Seeary


Fred Fargher

Willy Clark

Mark Karlovic

Ben Silverman

Julian Oldfield

Al Lewis

Michael Cooper


Andrew Seeary

Voice of TV Announcer

Tony McGuinness


Megan Cooper


Jill Dunne

Registered Nurse


  • Directed by

    Andrew Seeary

  • Stage Manager

    Michael Cooper

  • Asst. Stage Manager

    Megan Pinkerton

  • Lighting

    Frank & Leon Hanrahan

  • Sound

    Michael Zala

  • Set Construction

    Frank Hanrahan assisted by the Sunshine crew

  • Pre Production

    Megan & Michael Cooper, Yvonne & Ivan Downing, Jill Dunne, Fred Fargher, Wendy & Gary Hall, Louise McClure, Tony McGuinness, Bronwen Oldaker, Julian Oldfield, Megan Pinkerton, Andrew & Steven Seary, Graeme Walker, Peter Zala.

  • Foyer

    Yvonne Downing

  • Photography

    Helen Irving

  • Graphic Design

    Anne Griffin

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Reviewer - Wendy Holgate

Thank you to Andrew Seeary and Ballarat National Theatre for staging The Sunshine Boys. Pure entertainment from beginning to end.

The show stars two "old boys" (I mean that nicely of course) of the theatre. The very talented duo of Fred Fargher and Julian Oldfield.

The opening scene has decals of light shining on a closed curtain which opens to an old apartment that has been well lived in by a person who has obviously lived by himself for some time. There is music reminiscent of vaudeville days starring Jimmy Durante and Bing Crosby taking us back in time. Slides are shown during the overture "Lewis and Clark" (alias Fargher and Oldfield).

All this sets the scene for a great night's entertainment. Fred Fargher is just brilliant as the slightly dementia suffering, overbearing, grumpy, stubborn, self centred Willie Clark.

I particularly liked the Performance of Mark Karlovic who plays the long suffering Nephew Ben Silverman, also Willie's agent. This role was played with sensitivity.

Julian Oldfield's timing, as usual, is impeccable. His character Al Lewis is the opposite of Willie. He is quiet, clean, immaculate but some times forgetful compared to Willie's brash, harsh aggravating ways. Willie is grumpy and obstinate to the end.

In the words of both men "we don't get on too well”. This is despite having worked together for 40 years.

The two have been brought back together to perform one more show. They have not spoken to each other for 11 Years.  Al's mildly annoying habits inevitably send Willie into orbit. In fact neither can resist pushing the other's buttons.

As with most Neil Simon plays this one is sad, hilariously funny, poignant, and pathetic at times but always entertaining. I fell apart with laughter at the bag scene. Good Performances by Megan Cooper as the sexy nurse, Jill Dunne as the registered nurse, Tony McGuinness as the patient and Michael Cooper as Eddie.

The acting is brilliant by everyone. Take a friend, have a cry, have a good laugh, but most of all enjoy excellent theatre.  

I'll be back on Monday evening to catch the lines I missed through laughter.  

Congratulations Andrew, cast and crew you have a winner.