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Clanging Cymbal


About Clanging Cymbal


  • Genre: Drama

  • Director: Peter Nethercote


Peter Nethercote


Jayne Gaylor


Trevor Day


Gabrielle Leeds

Patsy/Peg/The Matron

Haydn Vincent

Geoffrey/John/The Bishop

Angela Quinlan


Ben Sandford


Bernie Ebbs


Eleanor Jones



  • Directed by
    Peter Nethercote
  • Stage Manager
    Sally Read
  • Crew
    David Bradley, Aaron Glenane, Megan Pinkerton
  • Lighting
    Frank Hanrahan with Kieran & Leon Hanrahan
  • Prop Furniture
    Frank Lilley
  • Photography
    Helen Irving
  • Graphic Design
    Peter Freund
  • Front of House
    Yvonne Downing & B.N.T. Members
  • Set Construction
    David Bradley, Trevor Day, Yvonne & Ivan Downing, Bernie Ebbs, Aaron Glenane, Wendy Hall, Ron Hedgcock, Eleanor Jones, Lauren Kinnane, Tony McGuinness, Peter Nethercote, Josh & Matthew Noble, Julian Oldfield, Ken Prato, Val Sarah, Andrew Seeary, Haydn Vincent, Graham Walker


Reviewer- Gail Sjogren

A Clanging Cymbal is music to the Ears

A WORLD premiere in Ballarat: indeed it is, and what is more the play is written and directed by Ballarat actor/director and playwright Peter Nethercote. A Clanging Cumbal focuses on the challenges, both personal and professional, faced by Jessica, newly ordained as an Anglicau priest and appointed to a parish where some of the members are less than enthusiastic about a woman in the ministry

But Jessica's problems are not only with her parishioners. A loving but troubled husband, a daughter who rejects all reIigion and wbose rebellious sulks will bring a knowing smile from any parent of a teenager, an ageing mother, and a friend with her own problems; all test Jessica's own com- passion and commitment.

There are plenty of laughs and many warrn moments as Jessica battles the entrenched conservatism of some of her parishioners. As she reacts to other people's needs, she learns about herself and the truth of the text, that gives the play its title: "Without love, I am a clanging cymbal." An outstanding cast brings out the very real human qualities of the characters. As the feisty Jessica,, Jane Gaylor gives a spirited performance.