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About Dry Rot


  • Genre: Drama

  • Director: Julian Oldfield


Haydn Vincent

Colonel Wagstaff

Carol Hoffman

Mrs. Wagstaff

Peppa Sindar

Beth Barton

Jacinta Antonelli

Susan Wagstaff

Dale Jackson

John Danby

Brad Mitchell

Fred Phipps

Fred Fargher

Alfred Tubbe

John Daykin

Flash Harry

Julian Oldfield

Albert Polignac

Lorenne Whitecross

Sergeant Fire


  • Directed and Designed by

    Julian Oldfield

  • Stage Manager

    Katrina Hill

  • Crew
    Kate Peachey and will Plunkett
  • Lighting
    Tegan Allen and Kara Krusche
  • Sound Recording
    Michael Zala
  • Pre Production
    Sally Read, Kath Taylor
  • Photography
    Brian Coffey
  • Graphic Design
    Peter Freund

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Reviewer: Gail Sjogren

An old 'un but still a good 'un!

What an excellent choice this play is for the weeks before Christmas. It's pure fun, not a serious idea to be found, just the sort of entertainment we want in the lead up to the festive season.

I felt quite exhausted just watching the sheer energy expended by the excellent cast as they run jump, fall and leap from crisis to crisis. The setting is a country hotel, where the new owners, an apoplectic retired colonel (Haydn Vincent) and his patient wife (Carol Hoffman) and daughter (Jacinta Antonelli) struggle to cope with their half-witted maid (Peppa Sindar) and a very suspicious group of guests.

The hotel is near a racecourse where double-dealing bookmaker Alfred Tubbe (Fred Fargher) and his co-conspirator Flash Harry (John Daykin) are conspiring to rig a race. Tubbe's 'valet' Fred Phipps (Brad Mitchell) is the patsy for their scheme which of course goes totally astray. Add to this mixture a jockey who speaks only French (Julian Oldfield) a starry-eyed young secretary (Dale Jackson) who falls for the daughter and a police sergeant (Lorenne Whitecross) who seems to have strayed from the Keystone cops and you can be guaranteed plenty of laughs.

Julian Oldfield's direction and design are as always highly professional. The cast is consistently strong and the pace is maintained throughout I hesitate to single out particular actors as all are worthy of comment but the trio of villains certainly deserves a special mention The action is fast and furious, and it is clear that everyone involved is having as much fun as the audience. Enjoy it!