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Lord Arthur Savile's Crime

November 2013

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime


30th Nov to 7th Dec 2013

  • Location: Courthouse Theatre

  • Genre: Comedy

  • Adapted by Constance Cox from the story by Oscar Wilde

  • Director: Julian Oldfield


Peter Nethercote

Plays Baines the Butler

Hedley Thomson

Plays Lord Arthur Savile

Liesl Vanderkley

Plays Sybil Merton

Paul Rose

Plays The Dean of Paddington

Jane Gaylor

Plays Lady Windermere

Wendy Holgate

Plays Lady Beauchamp

Jill Dunne

Plays Lady Julia Merton

Haydn Vincent

Plays Mr Podgers

Peppa Sindar

Plays Nellie the Maid

Mark Kuntsi

Plays Herr Winkelkopf


  • Directed By
    Julian Oldfield
  • Adapted by Constance Cox from the story by
    Oscar Wilde
  • Costumes
    Peter Nethercote and Kate Sullivan
  • Stage Manager
    Sally Read
  • Deputy Stage Manager
    Savannah Clark
  • Switchboard
    Andrew Hill
  • Crew
    Zac Jones, Daikota Gerrett and Sam Sonter
  • Sound
    Michael Zala
  • Graphics
    Wayne Hines
  • Photography
    Gary Hunt
  • Frount of House
    Yvonne Downing and BNT members
  • Pre Production
    Yvonne and Ivan Downing, Michael Dunne, David Dusting, Wendy Hall, Tim Gay, Mark Kumsti, Brian and Marg McClelland, Tony McGuinness, Peter Nethercote, Matt Noble, Julian Oldfield, Ken Prato, Paul Rose, Hedley Thomson, Graeme Walker, Michael Zala and Peter Zala.



    Reviewer: Gail Sjogren

    A Night of Wilde Laughter

    The plays of Oscar Wilde can always be relied upon for swift and witty repartee, wonderfully larger than life characters and gently biting satire on marriage, the aristocracy and society in general. BNT’s current production of Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime delivers all these and more in an elegant period setting with a very strong cast.

    Lord Arthur, handsome, charming, wealthy and lovesick, must for reasons which soon become apparent, commit a murder before he can marry the beautiful but rather dizzy Sybil Merton. Hedley Thomson, playing Lord Arthur, is rarely offstage and delivers a virtuoso performance which almost persuades an audience to accept this unlikely premise. Liesl Vanderkley is a simpering Sybil, a fitting mate for the hapless lord.

    It is the butler, Baines, who clearly has control of the household and Peter Nethercote makes the most of every facet of the character, a fitting foil for Lord Arthur. The interplay between these two very experienced actors is a joy to watch. In best Wilde tradition, Lord Arthur’s union with Sybil is seen with great suspicion by her overbearing mother, a role which Jill Dunne clearly enjoys to the utmost.

    Adding to the fun are Lord Arthur’s aunts, Lady Windermere and Lady Beauchamp, played by Jane Gaylor and Wendy Holgate, his uncle the Dean played by Paul Rose and a wonderful pair of eccentrics, a crazy anarchist played by Mark Kuntski and a suavely persuasive palm reader played by Haydn Vincent. Peppa Sindar completes the ensemble as Nellie the maid, making a sly play for Baines.

    The play is a visual delight with an evocative period setting and wonderful costumes, designed by Peter Nethercote and Kate Sullivan, bringing to life all the elegance of the period. Director Julian Oldfield has ensured that the final production of this, BNT’s 75th Anniversary Season, will be enjoyed by young and old.