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About Flare Path


27th Sept to 4th Oct 2014

  • Genre: Drama

  • Playwright: Terrance Rattigan

  • Director: Julian Oldfield


Robert Thurman

Plays Peter Kyle

Linda Ogier

Plays Countess Doris Skiczevinsky

Janette Baxter

Plays Mrs Oates

Michael Moore

Plays Sergeant (Dusty) Miller

Harrison Baxter

Plays Percy

Trevor Day

Plays Flying Officer Count Skriczevinsky

Michael Zala

Plays Flight Lieutenant Graham

Liz Hardiman

Plays Patrica Graham

Katrina Hill

Plays Mrs Maude Miller

Martin McGettgan

Plays Squadron Leader Swanson


  • Stage Manager

    Beth Foyster

  • Deputy Stage Manager & Switchboard

    Savannah Clark

  • Costume Supervisor

    Wendy Hall

  • Fix & Focus

    Lincoln Hunt

  • Sound

    Michael Zala

  • Lighting Rig

    Kiran Botterill and Adrian David

  • Electrician

    David Drever

  • Set Construction

    Les O'Hanlon

  • Furnishings

    Marg McClelland

  • Production Manager

    Julian Oldfield

  • Graphics

    Liz Hardiman

  • Photography

    Gary Hunt

  • Frount of House

    Yvonne Downing

  • Pre Production
    Robyn Ashmore, Ross Barnes, Brendan Bawden, Trevor Day, Yvonne Downing, Beth Foyster, Tim Gay, Wendy Hall, Liz Hardiman, Geoff Hedt, John Krul, Les O’Hanlon, Julian Oldfield, Brian McClelland, Tony McGuinness, James McLaren, Peter Nethercote, Linda Ogier, Ken Prato, Sally Read, Hedley Thomson, Graham Walker and Michael Zala.


    Performance Gallery