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Who remembers the Great War

An evening of Songs, Poems and One Act Plays


  • Genre: Drama

  • Director: Alexandra Meerbach, Peter Nethercote and Paula Heenan


Kristopher White

Tim Harris

Hannah Connell

Kaine Hansen

Max Rushton

Rachael Shelton

Reuben Morgan

Linda Borner

Kelly Jane Harrison

Jessica Taylor

Sarah Kolotelo

Kerith Holmes

Janette Baxter

Linda Ogier

Greg Roberts

Sam Sonter

Graham Maxwell

Tor Roxburgh


  • Director
    Alexandra Meerbach, Peter Nethercote and Paula Heenan
  • Stage Manager
    Sally Read
  • Deputy Stage Managers
    Robyn Ashmore and Alexandra Meerbach
  • Backstage Crew
    Claire Steele
  • Lighting Console Operator
    Andrew Hill
  • Sound
    Michael Zala and Corey Uren
  • Pre-recorded Music
    Stewart Greedy
  • Production Managers
    Sally Read and Peter Nethercote
  • Set Design
    Peter Nethercote
  • Set Construction
    BNT Members
  • Lighting Design
    Laurence Heenan
  • L.X. Rig and Focus
    Andrew Hill, Markus Middling and Lilli-Mae Chester
  • Specialised Props
    Robyn Ashmore, Les O’Hanlon
  • Dramaturg
    Mary-Rose McLaren
  • Graphics
    Liz Hardiman and Sally Read
  • Program
    Sally Read
  • Photography
    Sally Read
  • Front of House Decoration
    Robyn Ashmore and Wendy Hall
  • Front of House
    Yvonne Downing and BNT Member