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About Honourable Mentions


  • Genre: Drama

  • Written & Director: Mary-Rose McLaren and Peter Nethercote


Joe Baxter

Angus Drain

Patrick Osborn

John Daykin

Lesley Hale

Ben Plazzer

Trevor Day

Ann Murison

Katrina Hill

Janette Baxter

Linda Ogier

Liana Emmerson

Sarah Foers

Graham Maxwell

Tim Harris

Ruby DeVoogel

Lucy Walters


  • Written and Directed

    Mary-Rose McLaren
    Peter Nethercote

  • Stage Managers

    Siobhan Heenan
    Annie Sienesi

  • Production Manager
    Caitlin Sartori
  • Switchboard
    Robyn Ashmore
  • Sound
    Michael Zala
  • Lighting Design
    Liam Mudge
  • Set Design
    Peter Nethercote
  • Costume Design

    Mary-Rose McLaren
    Peter Nethercote
    Caitlin Sartori

  • Graphics

    Kristopher White
    Gary Hunt

  • Program
    Robin Phillip
  • Foyer Design
    Robyn Ashmore
  • Front of House

    Yvonne Downing
    BNT Board Members

  • Pre-Production

    Janette Baxter, Joe Baxter, Trevor Day, Sarah Foers, John Kryl, Graham Maxwell, Jamie McLaren, Mary-Rose McLaren, Peter Nethercote, Linda Ogier, Robin Phillip, Ben Plazzer, Caitlin Sartori, Liana Emmerson, Murray Stevens, Hedley Thomson, Julie Warren, Polly, Tom and Lucy Walters, Sally Read, Robyn Ashmore, Michael Zala, Peter Zala, Yvonne Downing, Liam Mudge and Neville Telfer