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About Daisy Pulls it Off

As in the series of St Trinians films, the schoolgirls are played by older actresses, and the headmistress frequently is played by a man.

The original production of the play opened at the Nuffield Theatre, England in 1983. It was then staged in the West End, produced by no other than Andrew Lloyd Webber. It ran for 1,180 performances and then toured for a further two years.

The play has won the Olivier Award and the Drama Theatre Award for Best Comedy.


Back to school! A parody of a 1920s boarding school adventure story, Daisy Meredith faces and overcomes snobbish prejudice and schoolgirl pranks at her boarding school. She and her best friend, Trixie Martin, search for missing treasure which could save the school. Great adventure, family discovered and our heroine saves the day!

30th Sept to 7th Oct 2017

  • Genre: Drama

  • Playwright: Denise Deegan

  • Director: Dr Mary-Rose McLaren

About the Director

Dr Mary-Rose McLaren

Dr Mary-Rose McLaren is a Senior Lecturer in Education with the College of Arts & Education, Victoria University. Mary-Rose has been involved in many productions in Ballarat. Just in the past two years with Ballarat National Theatre Mary-Rose:

  • Wrote and directed Honourable Mentions with Peter Nethercote. Honourable Mentions a special tribute to the Royal South Street Society's 125 year history (2016).
  • Acted in Little Women and The Best Man (2016)
  • Acted in Much Ado About Shakespeare(2017)
  • Will be acting in Falling From Grace (mid-2017)

Mary-Rose is particularly proud of writing and directing “One Boys War” which was performed to sell-out crowds in 2013.


Denise Deegan is an English novelist and playwright with Daisy Pulls It Off being her most well-known work. Denise Deegan trained and worked as a stage manager prior to her writing career.


Alexandra Meerbach

Plays Daisy Meredith

Linda Ogier

Plays Mother

Zoe James

Plays Monica Smithers

Liz Hardiman

Plays Clare Beaumont

Olivia French

Plays Sybil Burlington

Liana Emmerson

Plays Trixie Martin

Audrey Price

Plays Alice Fitzpatrick

Lesley Hale

Plays Miss Gibson

Janette Baxter

Plays Miss Granville

Mika Wallace

Plays Belinda Mathieson

Janelle Johnson

Plays Winnie Irving

Rachael Shelton

Plays Dora Johnston

Graham Maxwell

Plays Mr Scoblowski

Michael Zala

Plays Mr Thompson