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About Nobody's Perfect

Well it’s a comedy.

Love Is All Around the publishing company is running a competition to find new romantic fiction. Leonard submits his work under the female pseudonym "Myrtle Banbury". In order to collect his financial reward Leonard is forced to carry on the pretence that "Myrtle" exists.

His teenaged daughter and father play along with the deception, but expect, and receive, financial rewards from Leonard's wallet for their trouble. Things turn out OK in the end, but you’ll have to come to The Courthouse to find out how.

2nd - 9th December 2017

  • Genre: Comedy

  • Playwright: Simon William

  • Director: Douglas Bennett

About the Director

Douglas (Doug) Bennett

Douglas (Doug) Bennett has been involved in theatre for over 45 years, also working as an actor in film, television and theatre. In the 1970s he became more interested in directing and stage design and has since worked with many theatre companies in Melbourne including: Malvern Theatre Company, South Yarra (previously known as Viaduct Theatre Company; Heidelberg Theatre (; Athenaeum Theatre Company ( and many more.
Doug moved to Ballarat in 2015 and has kindly agreed to direct Nobody’s Perfect.

Film: Alvin Purple, The Box, Squizzy Taylor, Mr B Says No, Death of a Solider.

Television: Homicide, Division Four, The Sullivans, Cop Shot, Power Without Glory, Carson’s Law, Prisoner, Henderson Kids, Flying Doctors, Neighbours and Blue Heelers just to name a few.


Simon William’s plays include: Boys Will be Boys, Double Death, Happy Birthday Me, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Kiss of Death, Laying the Ghost, A Little Matter of Dirt, Nobody’s Fool and Switchback.


Peter Vanderkley


Olivia French

Harriet Copeland

Liana Emmerson

Dee Dee

Hedley Thomas