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A 2020 Vision

November 2020

About A 2020 Vision

A 2020 Vision is a venture into the real heart of our communities, in what has been a year like no other in metropolitan and regional Victoria. The heart of the community is the people who live within it, and Emma Wood wants to create a script using only the words of these communities for us to examine and share our experiences in this tumultuous time.

Funny and ridiculous, humdrum and frustrating, traumatic, and moving - all real stories are sought and welcomed. The stories will be sought via daily prompts or questions on the Facebook group over two weeks. People can answer many, few, or none at all, as they wish. Emma will gather and sift, structure, and shape whatever is offered into a new play about us, at this time in history.

Emma conceived this idea a month or two ago after being involved late last year in shaping and structuring a verbatim script on behalf of a group of stroke survivors in NSW who wanted to share their extraordinary stories. It was powerful and moving, and tremendously fulfilling for all involved. It's the hope of BNT, WTC, and Emma Wood that this may be the same.

After Emma proposed the concept to Warrandyte Theatre Company and Ballarat National Theatre, and with enthusiasm on both sides, we now have a fabulous production team who will introduce themselves over the next few days.

Important Dates
Friday 27th November: A 2020 Vison is performed live, followed by a Q&A.
Please join the Facebook group to stay up to date.

Friday 27th November

  • Genre: Drama

  • Director: Emma Wood

About the Director

Emma Wood

Emma is an award-winning actor and playwright. Emma has played lead roles with Newcastle Theatre Company (NTC), Canberra Repertory, Ballarat Lyric Theatre, and many other companies. A highlight of recent years included performing in Playhouse Creatures (Pigeonhole Theatre) in Monaco at the Mondial Theatre Festival, following a professional production at The Q Theatre.

As a playwright, Emma creates stories that are both humorous and touching. Her four full-length plays have struck a chord with audiences in many productions. Mr Bennet's Bride may be of interest to Pride and Prejudice fans as it is a prequel exploring the courtship of a young Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. The play broke box office records at its Newcastle Theatre Company premiere and has been produced several times since in Australia and the UK.

Emma is delighted to re-connect with the Ballarat theatre community. She and her husband ran independent company Pawprint Productions in 2006-07 working with many fine local actors on The Importance of Being Earnest, Vagina Monologues, Of Mice and Men.

About the Director

Susan Rundle

Susan began her theatrical career in New Zealand as a dancer, before moving into acting, studying drama at Canterbury University and under renowned NZ Actor and Director, Elizabeth Moody. Susan has performing in over 30 productions.

Susan performed lead role in a short film (The Superficials) directed by Christina Parker , has done numerous extra's work (including for the recently filmed new Chris Lilley series). Recent stage roles include Winsome in Bombshells by Joanna Murray-Smith (2012) and Lady Bracknell for Purely Pensive Productions Importance of Being Earnest (2013).

About the Director

Adrian Rice

Adrian has been involved with Warrandyte Theatre Co since 1995. While usually acting or directing, he’s performed most roles at some point. He has also been on the committee for most of that time and is currently Chair of the Theatre Co. and the Arts Association.

This is the third online show for WTC and while there is still plenty to learn, we’re getting used to the medium and wondering if there will always be room for online shows.


Erin Brass

Liana Emmerson

Jodi Sanders

Peppa Sindar

Shannon Nicholls

Lee Taylor

Anthony Bradshaw

Grant Purdy

Gemma Mikkelson