Ballarat National Theatre

under milkwood



Performance Dates

10th to 15th April


B.N.T. is delighted to present this marvellously evocative play by Welsh Playwright & Poet DYLAN THOMAS.

Originally a radio play it was soon finding it's way onto the stage. Later to become a film with Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor and Peter O'Toole.

B.N.T. first presented this play in 1991.



Reviewer: Gail Sjogren

I have long known and loved Dylan Thomas’s “Under Milkwood” in its original form as a radio play, but I confess to having had some doubts as to whether it could be effectively translated to the live stage. This production has certainly dispelled those doubts; it is far more moving and alive on the stage.

“Under Milkwood” is the story of one day in the lives of the many delightful characters who live in the Welsh fishing village of Llareggub (try that backwoods and Dylan Thomas’s gentle humour is at once apparent). Before dawn the townsfolk dream and we are allowed a glimpse of their most private joys and sorrows. An atmosphere of gentle wonder and otherworldliness is created, but with the dawn comes the bustle of reality. We watch as their day unfolds and by day’s end we feel we know them intimately.

Led by Hugh Irons, Mary-Rose McLaren and Hedley Thomson, fourteen of Ballarat’s best and most versatile actors bring them all to life, each so distinctly individual that we feel an instant recognition. The actors are helped only by minimal props, clever movement around the stage and their own skill in interpreting Dylan’s marvellous words. This is language at its best; gentle, moving, funny. Directed by Julian Oldfield, “Under Milkwood” shows that excellent acting, a minimal set and subtle sound effects can lead the imagination on a journey to a new and wonderful place.



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