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The Barretts of Wimpole Street was a broadway production which later was adapted into two films and a musical. Due to its age, the script is now freely available online to read in its entirety here.


 Character Played by 
 Elizabeth Barrett Moulton-Barrett   Miss Peggy Tellick
 Henrietta Moulton-Barrett   Miss Jenny Parkinson
Arabel Moulton-Barrett    Miss Neil McGuire
 Octavius Moulton-Barrett   
 Septimus Moulton-Barrett   
 Alfred Moulton-Barrett   
Charles Moulton-Barrett   
Doctor Chambers   
Henry Moulton-Barrett   
George Moulton-Barrett   
Edward Moulton-Barrett   Mr Harold Millane
Bella Hedley   
Robert Browning Mr Ronald Mann
Doctor Ford-Waterlow   
Henry Bevan  
Captain Surtees Cook  Mr Edward Kenneth


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BNT Age Melbourne Vic   1854   1954 Friday 29 April 1938 Page 14
BNT Age Melbourne Vic   1854   1954 Monday 20 June 1938 Page 14