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by Hannie Rayson

Nominated for the Victorian Drama League 2017 Awards
Victorian Drama League


Gala Night Sat 8 July 8 pm
Matinee Sun 9 July 2 pm
Wed 12 July – Fri 14 July 8 pm
Matinee Sat 15 July 2 pm

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Hannie Rayson, one of Australia's most prolific, successful and beloved writers, has created a contemporary story about the deep friendship between three women.

Suzannah, Maggie and Janet have been colleagues and best friends for years. But their relationship is about to be severely challenged by husbands, lovers, children, work ... and a new drug! They work together, publishing a high-quality magazine, and have always helped each other to deal with life's crises.

The magazine is preparing to print an article about Miriam Roth, a high-profile female medical researcher, who is conducting a trial of a drug for PMS. This drug may or may not be responsible for birth defects. The play considers what is moral/ethical and how modern people deal with difficult situations. The underlying issue is not clear-cut and you are likely to change your mind, as do the play characters several times as various facts are revealed.


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Peter Nethercote has been involved with BNT since 1968, when he was offered a lead role. Since then he has acted, directed, designed and written scripts for the company.

He has also directed and designed productions and performed for BLOC, Lyric, Begonia Festival, Ballarat Theatre Company and Ballarat Grammar.

He was able to stage two of his musicals, "Trifle" and "Barchester" with BNT.



Jane Gaylor

Jane Gaylor

Janette Baxter

Janette Baxter

James McLaren

James McLaren

Mary-Rose McLaren

Mary-Rose McLaren

Madeline Holland

Madeline Holland

Trevor Day

Trevor Day

Miranda Donald

Miranda Donald



Hannie Rayson is an award-winning Australian playwright and newspaper columnist known for writing plays that represent social issues. Her works include Hotel Sorrento, which won several prizes including an AWGIE Award.
Rayson was the joint recipient of the Sidney Myer Performing Arts Award in 1996 and has won Victorian and New South Wales Premier's Literary Awards and the Helpmann Award for Best New Australian Work. She is the only playwright ever to be nominated for the Miles Franklin Award, for Life After George.
Her more recent works include: Scenes from a Separation (written with Andrew Bovell), Competitive Tenderness, Inheritance, The Glass Soldier, The Swimming Club and Extinction. Her TV writing credits include Sloth (ABC, Seven Deadly Sins) and co-written two episodes of SeaChange (ABC/Artists Services).

About the Play

Falling from Grace was first produced in 1994 in Melbourne. This is the first time Ballarat National Theatre have produced Falling from Grace.
If you would like to be involved please contact us.


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