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A Date With Death Cast Announcement

08 April 2024

After a great turn out at the auditions, we are pleased to announce the cast for our upcoming production of A Date With Death

The Death of Ellen Moore

by Jon Amesbury

Directed by Jon Amesbury
Co-Directed by Megan J Riedl

Ellen Moore - Christine Holmes
Richard Moore - Benj Beatty
Poppy - Tessa Marshall
Priest - Graham Maxwell
Nurse - Laura Farrow

Rosencrantz and Gildenstern Are Dead

by Sir Tom Stoppard

Directed by Laura Hudson

Rosencrantz - Esther Bachelor
Gildenstern - Corey Loader

Date with Death

by Steven Hayet

Directed by Gin O'Brien

Angela - Kirily McKellor
Karen - Charlotte Botterill
David - Mat Ram


by Ann Chadwick

Directed by Ann Chadwick

Steve - Graham Maxwell
Sandra - Laura Farrow
Krystal - Peppa Sindar
Jess - Elly Krieg

Sister Cities

by Colette Freedman

Directed by Liana Emmerson

Baltimore - Ruby Abbott
Carolina - Charlie Peters
Austin - Connie Foord

Heaven's Above!

by Peter Nethercote

Directed by Ann Chadwick

St. Peter - Graham Maxwell
John - Mat Ram
Ruth - Kirily McKellor

Still Water

by Katrina Mathers

Directed by Ruby Penhall

Woman - Connie Foord

Just Friends

by Rosemary Whyte

Directed by Ann Chadwick

Woman 1 - Laura Farrow
Woman 2 - Elly Krieg
Woman 3 - Peppa Sindar

He Died Alone

by Marty Monstar

Directed by Shannon Nicholls

Whitey - Simon Carroll