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Getting crafty for Wyrd Sisters

15 August 2023

The crew (and some cast) of Wyrd Sisters have been busy during their weekly 'crafternoons'.

The sessions involve all sorts of crafting of props and set pieces for the September production. The first session involved the creation of a large map that will feature in a special scene in the play. The map was designed by the director, Liana Emmerson, who does cartography as a hobby.

The map measures 2.75m x 2.65m and has lots of details that include trees and mountains. The afternoons have been busy with paintbrushes and paint, listening to music and audiobooks. It will take around three sessions for the team doing the painting to get all the final elements of the map painted in detail.

Other items that have been coming to life include a parchment manuscript for the character of Hwel, who is a nod to Shakespeare himself. There have also been felt pennants that represent the various rulers of Lancre, as well as a fake dead body because someone in the play gets murdered. The afternoons at Barkly Square have been a lot of fun.

The crew will be there each weekend until it's time to bump-in their creations to the theatre.