Ballarat National Theatre

Thu 8 Dec, 2022

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We finished off a year of Monologue Karaoke with a final session at Volta with performances from Sam Graffeo, Simon Carrol, Hedley Thompson, Olivia French, Pascale Cooper-Kennington, Shannon Nicholls, Liana Skewes, and Elly Krieg. After the performances, we all settled in to watch a live theatre show on the big screen and were wowed by the lighting, sound, set design, and puppetry of The Book of Dust.

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Wed 7 Dec, 2022

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Earlier in 2022, BNT successfully applied for the Metricon Home Solutions Helping Hand Grant. The grant was promoted to sporting or any community clubs for up to $1000 for equipment. BNT applied for the grant in order to acquire a neon sign with the BNT logo to place in the foyer of any venue that we might hire. While we don't have our own theatre space, having the sign helps make any space feel like it is 'ours' even if we're hiring it out. This will also help people feel welcome and like they belong.

At our EOY Theatre Party Metricon presented us with a fun giant cheque so we got a group photo to say thank you!

Sun 4 Dec, 2022

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This year we were lucky to have one of our productions eligible for entry into the VDL awards. Children of the Black Skirt missed out due to the timing of submissions for the awards and date changes of the production but Mr Bennet's Bride ended up being eligible!

The team from Mr Bennet's Bride went down to join the raucous room of theatre companies celebrating their year of work. Out of so many wonderful companies, we got particular nods for actors Shannon Nicholls and Lynette Plenderleith. Congratulations to all involved and to the other companies, particularly others from regional locations!

Shannon Nicholls - WINNER Best Actor in a Minor Role - Comedy
Lynette Plenderleith - NOMINATION Best Supporting Actress - Comedy


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