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2024 BNT Community Awards

13 February 2024

After a year of exceptional work from our community, we have established a new way of acknowledging the valued input of our members. The awards were decided by the BNT board from the BNT members who have made outstanding contributions throughout the year and recognised members who have gone above the average in their volunteer role.

This sometimes took the form of performance in multiple productions, stepping into a last-minute or new volunteer role, or extensive support so that others could fulfil their roles more easily. Awards were be presented before the commencement of the AGM.

Contributions to Production

Shell Pryor, Ruby Penhall, Jack Brown, Rhonda Huckel,
Jess Hillman, Alexandra Meerbach, Michelle Bosher, 
Charlie Hughes

Contributions to Performance

Clementine Sawyer, Lyka Fox, Matt Peavey, Lei Reid,
Olivia French, Joe Appleton