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Vale Yvonne Downing

17 July 2023

Yvonne was part of Ballarat National Theatre for over 50 years. One of only two Platinum Honorary Life Members, BNT's highest Award. Brian McClelland, President at the time, was trying to think of an award higher than Honorary Life Member as Yvonne and Wendy Hall had been such hard-working members for so long that he felt a further acknowledgment was in order.

Yvonne first joined the BNT Board in 1974 and since then has been a prompter, front-of-house volunteer, constant audience member hardly missing a play, and the number one bump in caterer for many years. In fact, Yvonne's fruit cake will live long in many memories as the reason they volunteered for bump in!
We are sad to say farewell to Yvonne as her good humour always brightened any meeting.

She will be greatly missed.