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Ballarat Connected Communities Grant

15 November 2023

We have some exciting news regarding the successful Ballarat Connected Communities grant application for a Ballarat National Theatre (BNT) website update

Ballarat National Theatre's background:

  • Established Legacy: Since its inception in 1938, Ballarat National Theatre has played a pivotal role in the Ballarat community. It was founded to address the community's need for local theatre opportunities, giving rise to the National Theatre movement in the area.
  • Continuous Community Service: BNT has maintained continuous operations, serving the community's appetite for arts collaboration. It consistently produces up to four shows each season, providing a unique platform for "straight" theatre in Ballarat.
  • Diverse Repertoire: The theatre's repertoire is incredibly diverse, encompassing original works from local writers, established Australian playwrights, classics, and international playwrights from various eras. Over the years, BNT has produced more than 275 plays in collaboration with the Ballarat community.
  • Vision for Inclusivity: BNT's vision is to be a welcoming hub for the community to experience theatre, created by and for the community itself.

This is an overview of the approved project:

Project Name: Ballarat National Theatre Website Update

Project Description: This website update is a significant step towards enhancing the website's accessibility and security. It ensures that the online platform remains user-friendly for everyone, including those with disabilities, while adopting state-of-the-art security measures to safeguard against cyber threats.

Historical Significance: The BNT website serves as a crucial resource for community members, offering insights into the rich heritage dating back to 1938. It supports family history research and provides valuable historical information about the company and the community it has served.

Enhanced User Experience: The updated website will feature improved navigation and information discovery, making it easier for people to connect with BNT and explore its story. Given the extensive historical content on the site, the migration to the updated operating system is a substantial task, which will be executed by a local web company that currently hosts and maintains the website.

Community Engagement: The website is more than just an online presence; it embodies the vibrant spirit of community theatre, fostering connections and friendships through shared creative endeavours. With numerous participants as members and patrons each year, the website showcases the avenues of engagement and the manifold benefits of contributing to the arts.

Inviting Contribution: It invites individuals to be a part of BNT's creative projects, fostering personal growth, connectedness, and the joy that comes with artistic expression. In essence, the Ballarat National Theatre's website encapsulates the enduring influence of community theatre, celebrating its past, present, and future, while inviting all to contribute to the tapestry of artistic and communal endeavour.

"Ballarat Connected Communities are thrilled to announce that the grant application for this project has been successful, and it's thanks to your support and belief in the mission and vision of Ballarat National Theatre. We look forward to keeping you updated on the progress as we work towards realizing this important enhancement to our online presence."