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Wyrd Sisters Winners!

20 November 2023

A wonderful and innovative contribution to the Wyrd Sisters’ props has been through 3D printing, generously created by Keen Magpie Prints. This included the model of Discworld in the foyer, moveable torture implements, and Death’s brooch. The Discworld model was painted by cast member and key crew contributor Ruby Penhall.

The map of Lancre was designed by Director Liana Emmerson and created collaboratively by a team of cast and crew members. It was giant, measuring 2.75m x 2.65m! It featured towards the end of Act 1 and was displayed in the foyer during interval.
During our Wyrd Sisters production, we had a giveaway draw for the model of Discworld and the hand-painted, giant map of Lancre. Congratulations to Mark Hayes and Kim Bush, respectively, who took home these one-of-a-kind prizes. The Discworld model and giant map of Lancre will go to these lucky people to live forever in their homes.