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2020 09 frt merchandise

In 2020 we started an online merchandise on RedBubble to support our community company during the pandemic and it’s been going strong ever since. A percentage of every merchandise purchase goes to BNT, contributing to future regional theatre projects.

So far, the store has multiple ranges including: BNT merchandise, Pride and Prejudice Podcast, Peter Pan Podcast, Persuasion Podcast, Mr Bennet’s Bride, Honourable Mentions. Merchandise will be expanded over time if licensing permits us to create items for our shows.

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While we would love to create merchandise for every production, licensing does not always allow this to happen. For example, some productions only allow merchandise to distributed in person at the performance space and any leftover items must be destroyed at the end of the season. Sometimes we are putting on a work directly with a playwright or a work that is in the public domain so we do not need to meet licensing requirements.

In the Pride and Prejudice Podcast range, we are excited to share an illustration commissioned from local illustrator Annie Gonzalez. https://www.instagram.com/paperdaisy.illo/

Annie was asked to create us a pretty, floral design with headphones or something representing tuning in to listen to our story.

We love her creation which features blue hydrangeas and some rose gold headphones with P&P detailed on the side. You can find this on a wide range of our products to bring into your home.


Merchandise Gallery

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2020 09 frt merchandise
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