Ballarat National Theatre

In 2022, we decided to do some fundraising the old-fashioned way with a calendar drive! Thanks to the support of the team at Revolution Print, we were able to offer premium 2023 calendars, delivered directly to you ready for Christmas.

We will announce via our mailing list and social media if we will be doing this fundraiser in future years.

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Each calendar was A4 and will feature a single page with both the month and a selection of fantastic performance shots from our extensive photo archives. The calendar is laid out as one page per month, all hanging together on a half-moon wire which is easy to hang.

Shows that were in the 2023 calendar were:

Twelve Angry Men (2013)
Little Women (2016)
One Boy's War (2013)
Steel Magnolias (2021)
Speaking in Tongues (2019)
The Female of the Species (2015)
A Christmas Carol (2019)
Children of the Black Skirt (2022)
The Best Man (2016)
Daisy Pulls It Off (2017)
Barchester (2009)
Mr Bennet's Bride (2022)

Each calendar was $25 plus shipping

Scroll down to see the selected images.

Orders were placed by November 1. Calendars are organised to be delivered to the address provide by mid-November. 

Each calendar purchase has helped to raise money for our not-for-profit community theatre company and enable us to do the things that we do for every show.

Images have been selected and are listed below. Each image will include details on the show, year, director and photographer.






Photos of 2023 Calendar

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BNT Photographers featured in the 2023 calendar

Gary Hunt

Gary Hunt

Sophie Skoblar

Sophie Skoblar

Liana Skewes

Liana Skewes