Ballarat National Theatre

Past Loves title




Directed and Designed by Julian Oldfield



The Ex-Film Star - Marilyn Chestnut
The Porter - Bruce Eldridge
The Reporter - Sharnarra Crawley
The Man - Peter Nethercote
Mrs. Morgan - Gabrielle Leeds
Mr. Frute - Barrie McCausland
Gladys - Fay Scetrine
The Lawyer - Hedley Thomson
Cpt. Morgan - Bill Scetrine
Him - Phillip Quinn
Her - Justine Morris
Woman- Sonja Kinnersly
Man - Peter Nethercote


Stage-Manager - Michael Cooper
Lighting - Frank Hanrahan with Liza Hill
Sound Recording  - Michael Zala
Sound Operator -  Amanda Gunn
Crew -
David Bradley, Justine Morris
Josh Noble, Megan Pinkerton,
Philip Quinn and others
Set Construction - Frank Lilley, Ivan & Yvonne Downing,
Gary & Wendy Hall, Tony McGuinness, Peter Nethercote
Bronwyn Oldaker, Julian Oldfield
Val Sarah, Andrew Seeary
Front of House - Yvonne Downing & BNT Members

Graphic design - Justin Weyers
Photography - Mark Holgate



Past Loves provide present pleasure

Under the collective title of Past Loves, these four delightful comedies take a light-hearted look at relationships which, for one reason or another, are past.
The director, Julian Oldfield, has drawn together a team that includes several established BNT regulars – Marilyn Chestnut, Sonja Kinnersley, Gabrielle Leeds, Barrie McCausland, Peter Nethercote, Bill Scetrine, Hedley Thomson – and introduces Sharnarra Crawley, Bruce Eldridge, Justine Morris and Philip Quinn.

I was particularly intrigued by the clever introduction of characters from the other plays subtly intermingled to bring the three plays together.
The first play introduces Justine Morris and Phillip Quinn in a perky little piece of theatre that shows how jealousy can ruin a relationship.

The second brings in all the emotions of loneliness, vanity, love, infidelity, humility, humour and lies. Gabrielle Leeds is excellent as Mrs. Morgan a woman who left her husband some years ago. The husband, a man of social stature, is played superbly by Bill Scetrine. Barrie McCausland plays the very single detective Mr. Frute. Hedley Thomson is the lawyer. Eventually, a lie brings a very happy ending.

The third play, wonderfully acted by Sonja Kinnersly and Peter Nethercote, is about two lovers. He is in love with her but she, after telling her husband about the affair, feels guilty and wants to call it off.
The fourth play, starring the very talented Marilyn Chestnut, is about an aging film actress. Bruce Eldridge is The Porter and Sharnarra Crawley is the Reporter from Australia. Anyone who has ever been in love, had a lover, a wonderful marriage or found themselves "on their own" will relate to one or all of these plays.